Gift card terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of "Evocabank" CJSC and "Dalma Invest" LLC co-branded GIFT card

Terms and conditions of "Evocabank" CJSC and "Dalma Invest" LLC co-branded GIFT card. These terms and conditions, hereinafter referred to as the Terms, define the procedure and conditions for issuing, servicing and use of the co-branded GIFT card of "Evocabank" CJSC and "Dalma Invest" LLC. These terms are considered a Public Offer (hereinafter referred to as Offer) for the use of co-branded GIFT card of "Evocabank" CJSC and "Dalma Invest" LLC, and is considered accepted (Acceptance) by the Applicant from the moment of concluding this Application-Agreement.

1. Definition of terms used in Terms

  • GIFT Card or Card - Bank-owned, non-rechargeable anonymous  co-branded card of ArCa system with magnetic tape and logos of the Evocabank and "Dalma Garden Mall" entertainment complex which operates exclusively through POS-terminals located in the area of ​​"Dalma Garden Mall" entertainment complex only for non-cash payments. The Card is considered valid within the period specified on the obverse side of the Card.

  • Bank - EvocaBank CJSC;

  • Applicant- a person who has accepted this Application-Contract;

  • PIN code - A secret digital code handed or delivered to the Applicant in a special sealed envelope to be used to make payments;

  • POS terminal - electromechanical device for proceeding payments for goods and services. Transactions can be performed through POS Terminals only if the Card is actually available, by entering PIN code.

2. Terms of provision and servicing of co-branded GIFT card:

Payment and settlement system: ArCa,

Card type: Anonymous,

Currency: AMD,

Validity period: 6 months

The minimum nominal amount: 10,000 AMD.

Maximum nominal amount: 2,000,000 AMD

Possibility of recharge and re-issuance: not subject to be recharged or reissued. 

  • The card is provided free of charge.

  • The card is valid until the last day (inclusive) of the month indicated on the obverse side of the card.

  • No interest is paid by the Bank on the balance of the card.

  • Card is not subject to be reissued upon its loss or expiration.

  • The Bank shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Applicant as a result of the loss of the Card, the transfer of the Card and PIN code to a third party, or the expiration of the Card.

  • The Bank is not liable for events outside its control scope.

  • Parties shall endeavour to settle any disputes and disagreements arising in relation to the framework of the Application-Agreement by mutual consensus. In case of disagreement, the disputes are resolved in accordance with  RA legislation.

  • The Bank and The applicant are liable in cases and manners prescribed by the RA legislation.

  • The applicant gives its consent to receive advertising and informative messages from the Bank.

  • The Bank and the applicant are temporarily exempt from fulfilling their obligations in case of the occurrence of events recognized as force majeure by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

  • Issues that are out of the scope of the presented  terms and conditions in the current document are regulated by other internal legal acts of the Bank.

  • The Gift card recipient must appear at "Dalma Invest" LLC with an ID document and for concluding a payment card order application-contract with "EVOCABANK" CJSC. The applicant shall inform the gift card recipient about the rules of the use of gift cards and the current Terms and Conditions.