Dalma is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00.

You can purchase a Dalma gift card from the Dalma Garden Mall Customer Service Center, as well as you can order it online.

Yes, here you can order a gift card online.

The Dalma gift card can be used at all the Stores of the Mall, as well as at the food and entertainment zones.

No, Dalma Gift Card is a non-rechargeable anonymous co-branded payment card effective exclusively for non-cash payments, and is processed only with POS terminals located in the area of ​​the mall.

No, Dalma Gift Card cannot be recharged and in case of expiration or loss it cannot be reissued.

You can find the announcements on job openings on Dalma's Facebook page, as well as in the Careers section of the website.

To work at Dalma stores, you need to contact the companies directly.

To get acquainted with the terms of the lease, you need to fill out the application form online.

You can visit Dalma with small dogs, but you need to carry them at the area of the mall․

You can find the movie list by following the link.