Discover the local stores of world-famous brands at Dalma Garden Mall in Yerevan

Dalma is home to top trendy fashion collections of  clothing, shoes, and accessories designed by local and world-famous brand stores presented at Dalma Garden Mall in Armenia. The variety of stores and presented collections cover all the extremes of the tastes.

Dalma - your perfect destination

Dalma is where a variety of shopping and entertainment possibilities meet delicious cuisine diversity to create a completely new and unique urban culture.

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Dalma - your friend in taste

Dalma Garden Mall in Yerevan offers its customers a variety of world-famous and local stores as well as a diversity of entertainment activities that will meet the tastes and preferences of each and every visitor.

Dalma Gift Card

Gift card can be applied at all the Dalma stores, entertainment areas, or spent towards the offered services. Hence, the card is a  perfect gift for any occasion or when you simply want to surprise your loved ones.

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