ECCO is a Danish shoe brand which is founded on 1963.

For 60 years, ECCO has been among the top 3 shoe manufacturers in the world.

Moreover, the brand is not only a leader in the field of shoe production, but also in the field of leather production.

The brand produces casual, classic and sport shoes for women, men and children. At the core of every ECCO shoe are innovative technologies, comfort and stylish design.

Let's present some of the brand's technologies.

1. ECCO FLUIDFORM™ INJECTION technology. Thanks to this technology, the soft insole adapts to the shape of the foot, giving flexibility and extra comfort.

2. SHOCK THRU technology. This technology absorbs external shocks, keeps the foot comfortable and combines stylish design with innovative technology.

3. GORE-TEX® technology. It keeps the foot dry in any weather, preventing water penetration and foot sweating. Shoes with this technology also have a membrane layer that protects against the cold.

In each of the shoes, comfort and stylish design are paramount. And thanks to the brand's patented systems, all models differ in their features and advantages.