Cartoon, Family

Օլիմպիկոս / Олимпикос / Olympicos
Directors: David Sahakyants, Hayk Sahakyants
Genres: Animation
Duration: 80 minutes
Age: 3+
One of the days the King of Armenia Varazdat receives an invitation from Greece, asking him to send the best boxer of the country to compete in the Olympic Games in Greece. Inspired by his athlete's past, the King decides to personally travel to Greece to participate in the Olympics. The royal family joins in. Their journey is full of adventures as they reach Greece. On the way, they meet King Varazdat's rival - Molator, who wants to take advantage of the situation and conquer the Armenian lands. Because of Molator, the royal family goes through a number of challenges, but the King's strong spirit and his loyal family help him overcome the obstacles and achieve brilliant victory in the Olympics. And the decisive match is ahead. Humor, music and high spirit are fused through the entire movie.