Top Fragrances of 2021

“Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers.” — Christian Dior.

Perfume is one of the ultimate ways to introduce yourself. It underlines our character, preferences, and mood. The first perfumes were created over 4000 years ago, and ever since new fragrances and new scents are created. Thus, here we present to you the series of new perfumes of 2021.

L’Interdit Édition Millésime - Givenchy

L’Interdit Édition Millésime fragrance by legendary Givenchy brand will satisfy those who prefer a combination of bitter and delicate notes. The top notes of the fragrance are bitter orange and ginger; the middle notes are orange blossom, neroli, and tuberose; the base notes are almond milk, patchouli, musk, and vetiver. You can buy this unique fragrance from Rouge store located on the 1st floor of Dalma.

Scarlet Poppy Cologne Intense - Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London's new Scarlet Poppy Cologne Intense perfume transforms mind and senses into a tulip field. The perfume is enhanced by the shades of iris, the luxurious notes of barley and tonka bean, the scent of figs. The main note is ambrette, the middle note is poppy, and the base notes are tonka bean. To get acquainted with the fragrance and purchase it, you can visit Jo Malone boutique on the 1st floor of Dalma.

Tubéreuse Nue - Tom Ford

Tubéreuse Nue by Tom Ford is an Amber Floral fragrance for women and men, which belongs to the series of floral and oriental fragrances. Tubéreuse Nue expresses luxury and indescribable sensuality, designed for self-confident individuals. The top notes are Jasmine and Lily; the middle notes are tuberose, styrax, benzoin, and cacao; the base notes are suede, musk, tonka bean, and agarwood (oud). You can purchase the perfume from rouge store located on the 1st floor of Dalma.

Rose Callison - L'Occitane

L'Occitane brand Rose Callison is a real summer fragrance for lovers of floral scents. The combination of rose and caliconia, which is the most famous sweet combination of Provence, seems to confess love to those who wear the scent. The top notes are nectarine and mandarin orange; the middle notes are damask rose, may rose, and orange blossom; the base note is cedar. The perfume is presented at L'Occitane brand store on the first floor of Dalma Garden Mall.

Mon Rouge - Yves Rocher

The new fragrance of the French brand Yves Rocher Mon Rouge is created for sweet scents lovers. This scent will instantly take you to Parisian confectionery shops. The top notes are plum and black currant; middle notes are iris and neroli essence; base note is patchouli. You can find this summer fragrance in Yves Rocher brand boutique on the 2nd floor of Dalma Garden Mall. When heading for seasonal shopping do not forget to check out the selections represented in the perfume stores at Dalma Garden Mall to meet your new signature fragrance.

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