Top fashion trends to gear up your unique spring looks

This season, we witness the rollout of fashion trends in several directions - a comeback of the 90s, minimalism, and unisex. As a result, the catwalks are dominated by practical, but elegant combinations.

Light-colored skirts

Skirts are an ideal exit for any season on your way to creating feminine and elegant looks.  A charming look can be achieved regardless of the choice of the model and fabric.A delicate and beautiful look can be created by combining a beige skirt with a white or black shirt and adding brown accessories as final touches.

You can go further and add a pair of edgy shoes. As the latter not only will not contradict the style but will additionally emphasize the femininity of your look. The collection presented in New Yorker can be your inspiration for this look.

Neon Accents

Neon accessories will add eye-catching charm and new allure even to the simplest and laconic looks. Even if you wear an ordinary pair of jeans and a beige shirt, you can spice it up with a few neon accents, and withness the swift metamorphoses to ultramodern looks. A wide selection of such products is available in Bershka.

Monochrome combination

Creating a  monochrome look from different shades of the same color is a real art. Using such monotonous schemes, you can end up with very interesting and stylish combinations for your spring look. Stylists encourage using colors that are in the same segment of the color wheel that does not neighbor.

This trick ensures a favorable contrast in the look. You can also use neutral colors, such as white and black, to match the shades you choose. The combination will be easily achieved in ZARA, as the monochrome looks are already presented in combination in the store, hence you can easily find the one that suits you best.

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