Some 90's spirit in your wardrobe

In the fashion world what goes around often comes around. It goes without saying, that these comebacks are often reinvented in a completely new light.

Let’s muse on fashion trends of the 90's, many elements of which, such as maxi silhouettes, voluminous shoulders, mini skirts, and vivid colors, are present in our wardrobe today. The fashion of the 90's was thriving in several different directions and what united these directions was the slightly rebellious spirit typical to that period. We have singled out some trends inspired by the fashion of the 90's, which continue to be popular today.

The Polka Dots

From Julia Roberts' dotted dress for polo event in "Pretty Woman" to the iconic dresses of Princess Diana, polka dots were a defining print of the '90's and are still often worn. You can find polka dot items in the collection of Mango and Stradivarius, presented in
Dalma Garden Mall.

Wide-leg jeans 

Due to the prevalence of oversize and relaxed silhouettes, wide-leg jeans in the 90's were also highly popular. This year, such pants are trendy again. You will find such models in almost all stores of Dalma Garden Mall: ZARA, Mango, Pull & Bear, etc. Just visit the stores and choose the version that better complements your body shape.

Glittery vinyl Outfits

Technical advancements of the '90's  influenced the fashion of the period. Namely, patent leather and vinyl were often used to coin futuristic looks. Slightly reinvented, items from these fabrics can be purchased from Dalma Garden mall stores even today.

Plaid Print Skirts

Plaid print and mini plaid skirts were at the peak of fashion in the 90's and have made a comeback to the fashion now. A surprisingly huge diversity of such models are presented in Stradivarius.

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