Skincare in autumn and winter

Dermatologists and cosmetologists consider autumn-winter to be the month of beauty, which we cannot but agree.

Autumn and winter are the best seasons for skincare. After warm summer days, the skin becomes drier or, conversely, oiler, on the skin may also appear formations. All this is inevitable since it is impossible to prevent changes in weather conditions. To prevent such problems, we can take care of the skin and use only high-quality products. Give up alcohol-based tonics and cleansers. Use products with a more delicate texture, for example, products with a creamy texture, as they don't dry the skin. Use cleansing foams for the face, which contain hydrophilic oil.  

Don't forget about peels! If you have oily skin, you need to do a facial peeling once a week. With dry skin - once every two weeks. Scrubs deeply cleanse the skin and pores. After a summer tan, the skin needs the acids, which we can get with acid peels and creams. But before such peels, it is necessary to consult with a dermatologist, choose the acids suitable for your skin, and then only proceed to peel. This procedure is prohibited at home.  

After hot summer days, you should also keep your face skin deeply hydrated. Do face masks twice a week. Give preference to fatty creams that contain hyaluronic acid. In addition to moisturizers, it is also necessary to use nourishing creams and serums for the face. Properly selected skincare products for your skin type will help you solve all skin problems with frequent and proper use.

With cold autumn days, there is a problem with damaged capillaries. As a result of the capillaries' expansion occurs rosacea, which is expressed by the expressiveness of the vessels on the skin. To avoid such problems, you have to use cold cream and cream for the rosacea.

Taking care of the face skin, do not forget about the body and hands, which require no less attention and care. On cold autumn days, hands dry out easily and quickly, peel off, and get damaged. To avoid such problems, always have a moisturizer cream in your bag. It's recommended to use body butter in autumn and winter as they soften and moisturize the skin well. If you want to have smooth and beautiful skin even in autumn and winter, use a body scrub twice a week.

With regular use, the scrub completely smoothes the skin. Do not forget to use the scrub on your hands because the skin of your hands also needs exfoliation. After the bath, be sure to use a moisturizing or nourishing body-butter cream. If you do these simple procedures, you will have smooth and soft skin without problems in the cold months. The effectiveness of these procedures will be ensured only by high-quality products that you can find in the stores Nairian, L'Occitane, The Face Shop, The Fresh Line, Organicus, AlfaDea, Yves Rocher in Dalma Garden Mall.

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