Color trends of 2021

Every year color experts of Pantone Color Institute comb the world for new color influence analysis and arrive at the selection of the colors of the year.

For this year, nevertheless, they picked out two independent colors. The combination of Ultimate Grey and Illuminating comes to replace the sober and timeless Classic Blue of 2020. This choice promises to lift our spirits up and brighten our outfits. 

PANTONE Ultimate Grey - the message of hopefulness

Given the  events and social-cultural status, Ultimate Gray  was picked out as the color of the  year as it encourages feelings of composure, steadiness and resilience. Outfits of this color are just ideal for both formal and informal environments. You can find a selection of formal and casual outfits in Ultimate Gray at Nobby.

Sunny and shiny - PANTONE Illuminating inspires positive vibes

PANTONE Illuminating - is a bright and cheerful hue of yellow. It evokes vibrancy associated with the warmth of the sun that illuminates the day for all of us around the world. Especially in such times, it is very important to surround ourselves with colors that encourage positive thinking and make us see the "light at the end of the tunnel". And what color if not bright and sunny yellow can better convey these vibes and positivity?

In color psychology, yellow is associated with warmth, activity, and creativity. Cheerfulness, youthfulness, and wittiness are our associations with this color. This cheerful shade is an especially good choice for everyday outfits. By the way, Springfield's new spring collection also features Illuminating. These bright yellow shirts will add sparkle to your overall look.

Grey and yellow: this combination unveils a huge styling potential

Although Ultimate Grey and Illuminating are quite different, they go beautifully with each other. This makes it possible to create interesting combinations that make your outfit very attractive and catchy. You should not forget about accessories as well. You can always get a unique and stylish look by combining Obag bags. Gray and yellow. Also, you can coin monochrome looks at Massimo Dutti.

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