Style changes in furniture and decor in 2021

The warmth and comfort of the house depend not only on the people living in it but also on the home interior.

We have identified the style changes and trends of 2021 that will help you create a more cozy and aesthetic interior. The furniture must be not only stylish but also high-quality.

Wood furniture is one of the most popular and popular types of furniture. There are several types of wood - hard and light. Coniferous trees are distinguished from light types of wood, for example, fir tree, pine, resin, etc. Solid wood is usually much more expensive, it also looks chic. It is resistant to injuries and scratches compared to other types of wood. Today, artificially aged dining sets are fashionable, which are bright representatives of the country style.

The next and no less practical type of furniture is upholstered furniture, which is made of various types of fabric, among which the most famous are cotton, natural and eco-leather, velour, polyester, acrylic, and nylon. Ashley Homestore, located in Dalma Garden Mall, offers its own author's type of durable and fabric a combination of polyurethane, leather and cotton. The main distinguishing feature of durable and is that it is heat-capable, that is, in hot weather, the fabric does not heat up, and in cold weather, it does not freeze.

Eco-leather comes in two types: polyurethane and polychloride. Polyurethane is the most harmless material of the two above-mentioned. Eco-leather is a full-fledged substitute for natural skin. This is a great opportunity for conservationists to use the fabric without fear of affecting the environment. Eco-friendly skin is easy to clean and care for, it is scratch-resistant, does not absorb water, does not sweat, and does not freeze. When choosing a sofa, it is necessary to pay attention to the internal structure. Most long-term sofas are considered to be T-shaped.  

The trend of this year is the maximum naturalness and minimalism. To ensure naturalness in the interior, you can use a variety of floral prints, neutral shades, or artificially aged furniture and accessories. In short, everything that will bring clarity, tranquility and harmony to your home.

The shops of Scandinavian brands have always been distinguished by their harmony and natural style, one of which is Jysk, which is located on the -1st floor of Dalma Garden Mall. The Scandinavian style is characterized by a play of subtle tones and bed shades. In Jysk Store, you will find both furniture and a large assortment of unique decors: candles, artificial plants, dishes, wall clocks, picture frames, carpets, lamps, etc.


This year, wall decors occupy a special place in the interior of the house. A special range of wall decors can be found in Mane Tiles store. Handmade Armenian ceramic works will undoubtedly give your interior a unique style. Ornaments are one of the most creative parts of home decor. An assortment of beautiful and minimalist ornaments is presented in Jysk Store.

Unique and different curtains and home decor demonstrated in Togas store. Violet and Praha stores haves outstanding assortment of dishes for every taste. An equally important part of the home decor is the aroma of the house, which is assured with the usage of candles, aromatic sprays and sticks. Miniso store offers a wide range of flavors for every taste.

Home furnishing is one of the most difficult but at the same time the most enjoyable activities where you can show your imagination. Your home should be the place where you feel in harmony. Create an interior that will make every corner of your home more native and beloved. Furniture and home decor stores located in Dalma Garden Mall offer a high-quality, affordable and stylish range of decor and furniture, which will make the process of creating your interior more affordable and practical.

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